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The second chapter is coming a couple of weeks late (four weeks to be exact, but whose counting?) so to make up for my  lateness,  I have made this chapter a bit longer 🙂  Hope you like it !!


Amara loved her sister, as children they we’re inseparable and although two years apart they were always mistaken for twins with Martha been more domineering. She was at the careers fair the day Martha met Bolu. At first she thought nothing of him, as long as Martha was happy so was she. However, things changed the day Martha told Amara she was planning on sleeping with Bayo. They grew up with the same principles which simply stated ‘no ringy no dingy’, they made fun of their mother for the cheesy line but they vowed to stick to it. She tried to talk her sister out of sleeping with Bayo reminding her of the pecking order, God , career, relationship then family. She promised not to tell her parents but four weeks later when Martha told her she was pregnant she regretted her decision. ‘ there’s a clinic’ Martha said ‘ you’re crazy’ Amara replied. ‘ what did Bayo say? ‘ Amara continued ‘he doesn’t know, but we both know I’ll be the one to stay at home and take care of this baby, I have dreams..’ ‘ you should have thought of that before you opened your legs ‘ she said cutting her sister short. ‘I’m telling mum and dad , I made a mistake not telling them before but not again’ she rushed out before Martha had a chance to reply. That was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

She made attempts to amend their relationship. For years she prayed. She tried visiting but it was a fruitless journey. She knew her sister was not happy but she also knew she wasn’t ready to accept help especially from her. You see, Martha blamed Amara, because if she had not told her parents ‘the problem’ would have been gotten rid of.

Amara had followed the pecking order, putting God first in all things. She got her degree in accounting and got married to a good Christian man three years later, although they were still waiting to start a family. ‘ Leave him and come and stay with us ‘ Amara had offered on countless occasions, ‘I don’t need your charity ‘ Martha would reply. She hadn’t spoken to her sister in 4 months. However, today she felt a strong need to try again, maybe it was her longing for comfort after the devastating news she had received from her obstetrician. Like she had several times before she said a quick prayer and picked up the phone. To her surprise Martha picked up and their conversation went a lot better than Amara had hoped for.
Amara : Hi ..
Martha : Amara hello
Amara : how did you know it was me Martha : who else will it be ? You’re the only one I have
This statement surprised Amara
Amara : how are you
Martha : how do you think I am
With that Martha began cry, leaving Amara speechless.
Amara: come for a visit
Martha : Ams, I need more than a visit
Amara began to cry , it had been years since she heard her sister call he by her nickname
Amara : you can stay for as long as you like. Please come , anytime !
Martha: soon Ams
Amara : I love you girl
Martha: I’ve missed you. I have to go , Chichi needs feeding.
Amara: my love to the kids

As Amara replayed the conversation in her head. It gave her butterflies in her stomach, she was expectant that this would be the start of a new chapter.

Martha was happy which she hadn’t been for a long time. She was leaving him. She had filed for divorce, packed her things and with the children in hand she was ready to leave. Bayo had been away for three days and with no clue as to his whereabouts she left a note and the divorce papers.

She had never seen her sister’s house and she last saw her brother in law on their wedding day.She knew she had been a terrible sister but with good reason she believed. After staring at the door for what seemed like forever she knocked. Three days ago she spoke to her sister which was the confirmation she needed to leave her husband.

Amara was shocked to see her sister and her children standing at her door. Shocked but pleased welcoming them with warm hugs. She led them to the guest room and helped Martha set up a crib for Chichi who had fallen asleep. They said nothing although they both had a lot to say. ‘How’s Henry?’ Martha asked breaking the silence. ‘He’s on a business trip but well ‘ Amara lied knowing fully well her husband had moved into a hotel as they resulted their issues. ‘ the kids have grown ‘ she said as she handed a glass of milk to Chimdi who sat quietly watching Tv. ‘When do you plan on starting a family that’s the next step in the pecking order’ Martha asked. Amara gripped her butter fly filled stomach. She hadnt told her sister they were having difficulties having a child which was putting a strain on her marriage . Only her mother knew and of course Henry. She began to cry, Martha was shocked. She didn’t realise. She walked up to her sister and held her in her arms . ‘ three miscarriages, the obstetrician says my womb is not suitable for fetal growth’ she said sobbing. Martha was speechless. ‘ At God’s time’ Amara said pulling herself away from the comfort of her sister’s embrace.

God had been become foreign to Martha. She longer went to church or prayed. She believed there was a God but she found it hard to have a relationship with him. Amara on the other hand trusted God which made her inability to have a child more painful, but the grace to glory in His will she prayed for daily.

Henry loved this about her but as the possibility of them have children grew slimmer he felt her distancing herself from him. She no longer let him touch her. ‘Don’t you love me ?’ He would ask ‘ I do but I can’t give you what you want’ she would reply, ‘ for better or worse ‘ he would say but she knew he would never be truly happy. So she drew away from him and this made him sad.

Three days later, and with a loud knock on the door was Bayo. ‘How dare you take my children ‘ he shouted pushing past Amara to get to Martha. He would have struck her if Henry had not intervened. ‘ do you want to calm down?’ Henry said pointing to the children and leading him to the living room while Amara led the kids into the garden. ‘ It took you six days to notice we had left ‘ she said trying to remain calm. ‘ I was on a business trip ‘ he replied , ‘ you got a job ‘ she asked rhetorically? ‘ get your things and let’s go ‘ he said trying to change the topic. ‘ No!’ Martha replied angrily, ‘ you have been nothing but cruel to me, you want your kids ? Kids You hardly look at, you’re nothing but a sperm donor to them ‘ she continued. He was infuriated and with out thinking he hit her and if not for Henry’s intervention he won’t have stopped. As Henry kicked him out Martha shouted ‘ don’t you dare come back or I’ll be calling the police ‘

For days, Bayo rang her phone non-stop. His messages went from being abusive to asking for forgiveness. She felt sorry for him but she wasn’t going back. She had heard too many times of women falling back into abusive relationships and hurting even more but she was determined to be different.

Three months later and she began her degree in law taking most of her classes online. Her sister had been most helpful agreeing to work from home so she could watch the kids for her on days she had to make an appearance on campus. Things were looking up for Martha.

Amara was happy for her sister, their relationship had improved over the past three and a half months. She wasn’t sure why but so had her relationship with Henry although still childless she was learning to rest and accept his love and with the help of a church counsellor things were looking up.

‘ He’s signed the divorce papers’ she exclaimed. Unsure whether to be happy both Amara and Henry waited for a reaction from Martha, but there was none. ‘He’s been asked to leave the country and he wants to see the kids before he goes’ she continued. ‘What do you want to do? ‘Amara asked. ‘He claims to be a changed man and has started going to church. The church teaches forgiveness right but how can I ? He has 40 days to leave the country’ I’ll decide then’ she said folding the letter and getting back to her books.

Amara had never brought up the ‘God topic ‘ with her sister but today she felt the need. “There’s a programme in church today, I think the kids would love it, it’s a ..”. ” Yeah sure” Martha replied before Amara could finish her sentence because deep down Martha knew she needed help and it was one no man could provide.


It was her first time in church in many years. She was on track with school but she wasn’t at peace with her decision to leave Bayo and her heart got even heavier when she received his letter. She never wanted to be a divorcée especially at 23 . For the first time in a long time , She prayed , asking for direction.

”What’s the event” Martha asked Amara as they arrived at church. ”It’s on the love of the Father, i’ll just go drop off the kids, find us a sit ” she said pointing to the auditorium. The hall was quite empty so finding seats was an easy task especially as Henry had saved them seats. As she made her way she was stopped by one of the ushers. A well built man. “Are you ok miss?” he asked. There were butterflies in her belly. He was cute. ”She’s with me Jacob” Amara said ”this is my sister Martha” she added “nice meeting you” he said leading them to their seats.

The sermon was nice. But she couldn’t concentrate, her eyes kept wandering after Jacob and Amara could tell she was distracted. ”He’s single” she said as they put the children to bed. She blushed. ”Who?” She asked pretending to be clueless. Amara smiled, her sister was smitten but she knew she wasn’t ready for a relationship. It was too soon.